Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All that glitters...

Last month I received a phone call from a TLC producer.  She left a message and I called her back, hesistantly, thinking someone was possibly playing a cruel joke on me.  The producer told me she pulled my information from a wedding database.  She went on to give me details on an upcoming destination wedding show that she wanted us to be a part of!  She asked many questions about us...how we met, what we did for a living and asked about our families.  In return, she didn't have many specifics about the show other than it was new, would be televised on TLC and should offer us many incentives in return.  I remember getting off the phone with her with mixed feelings.  Why?  Because part of the deal would be that we change our location to Puerto Rico.  The other part of the deal would be that we move our wedding date UP to April.  Yes...as in next month.  YIKES!

I waited for Chris to come home that evening to spring the news on him.  To my suprise, he actually seemed interested!  I would speak to this producer a few more times before the obvious would be determined.

In talking to our travel agent, we would lose all of the money we had already put down on our wedding in Mexico.  Additionally, all of our guests would lose their deposits as well.  You see, the wedding would be held on an island that isn't much travelled.  My guess is that this wedding show would increase tourism and boost the economy.

I told a handful of folks...all who were very excited at the possibility.  TLC wedding shows are over the top and amazing!  Who wouldn't be excited about that?

Needless to say, it didn't work out.  As I compared the Riviera Maya to the Island in Puerto Rico there was actually no comparison.  Not only was Mexico more beautiful, but our resort is breathtaking and the Puerto Rican Island couldn't offer the same.  When it was determined that we were much too far in to turn back, I rolled full speed ahead.

To date, I am currently picking the menu and I've booked my photographer.  We are going to be paid in full by the end of this month.  After that, I will pick my flowers, linens and begin working on my playlist for the reception in Mexico.  By the end of March, the invitations for the at home reception should be stuffed, addressed and ready to go in another month.  I am also currently registering.

I can honestly say that I am SO very glad I decided to go with a destination wedding.  I couldn't even begin to wrap my mind around trying to plan a wedding here in Houston.

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