Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The dress.

I booked a fitting at David's Bridal in November to try on wedding dresses.  It was never my intention to walk out of that place with a dress.  I was simply going to try on different styles and get my measurements taken.  As a matter of fact, I already had an idea of what my wedding dress would look like.  I had long ago made the decision to get this dress made in China:

Because my style is "different," this dress, to me, would go right along with what everyone would expect to see me in.  I found someone (on Ebay) who could make it for me for right under $300.  $300 would be my budget as I had made my mind up that THIS was my dress.  Done deal.  Really no need to search, right?

So I go to David's Bridal with my sister in law and my good friend, Desiree.  Both of who would be brutally honest with me.  On this wintery day in November, I got stuck with a consultant who was probably young enough to be my daughter and would be of no help to us...other than the fact that she was sugary sweet and used to be a student of my SIL.  Bless her heart. Oh, and heaven help her!

The dress consultant was running over with her prior appointment.  Everyone who knows me knows that I will not wait more than possibly 20 minutes when it comes to my food or service that I am paying for.  At the 21 minute mark, my Desiree and I got up and began pulling dresses ourselves.  The manager politely and quietly just got us a fitting room without asking any questions.  We were on a mission!

The young consultant would only have to pull 3 dresses for me by the time she was available.  We pulled 4, one being a dress that was on clearance that looked plain and simple through the protective bag and another, very similar to my dream dress, with lots and lots of ruffles at the bottom.

With my Wendy and Desiree in place, the fitting began.  I picked these ladies because they are very matter of fact and would not let me think that I looked beautiful if I didn't nor would they tell me what they thought I wanted to hear.  They both also LOVED my dream dress and would stay focused.  Easy pezzy.  Or so I thought.

The fitting began.  It was brutal.  "No ma'am, take it off."  "That dress is hideous."  "Uh, uh, nope."  *Silence*  Poor dress consultant.  She didn't stand a chance.  They tore her selections to pieces.  LOL.  They went on to show her the picture of my dream dress.  She, too, was reeled in at this point.  However, once I tried on a dress with all the ruffles at the bottom, it completely swallowed me.  I was a disappointed.  Other than the side strap, the ruffles were the beauty of my dream dress!  As she started to go away to put up the dresses that had gotten the thumbs down, there was still that one left for me to try on...the plain and simple one I pulled.  She told me, "They are not going to like it, but you can try it on."  I took one look at the price tag and did just that.

When I appeared from the dressing room, there was silence...A different sort of silence this time.  I turned and looked at myself in the mirror and I was speechless as well.  Not only did the dress fit like a glove, but it was not so plain and simple after all.  It was a trumpet with a different neckline...strapless, but not sweetheart.  It was my exact length with my heels on and would need NO alterations what so ever.  The dress consultant immediately added a sparkling sash around my waist and a fascinator on my head.  Both critics chimed in together, "That is your dress."  I rang the was indeed my dress.

I couldn't believe I walked out of the dress store with a dress!  If I told you how much I paid for it, you wouldn't even believe me!  Let's just say both the sash and the fascinator were more expensive than my wedding dress.  I ended up buying a Vera Wang cocktail dress for my at home reception, the sash, the fascinator, my wedding dress AND a hot pink dress (for no reason at all) all for under $600!  WINNING!

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