Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fire under my feet.

It is April 16, 2013.  In exactly 2 month and 2 days at this exact time, Chris and I will probably be having dinner in the Riviera Maya.  We would have arrived earlier that day.

It is April 16, 2013 and I am ONLY on the third stage of planning with the wedding coordinator at the Barcelo.  You see, due to the simple fact that I have been so busy at work, the wedding planning has taken a bit of a back seat...just a little.  Thanks goodness for "stages" because as the coordinator emails me with the next set of tasks, I get to work!

Within the past 10 months, I've managed to pick a place, set the date, pick ANOTHER place, set ANOTHER date, make the arrangements, get a dress, pick the menu, get a photographer, pass out when my photographer lets me know he couldn't make it after all, pay off the wedding and now I am at the phase where I have to pick the location and come up with seating arrangments for the actual wedding reception...even though there are STILL folks who are trying to make arrangements.  Yep.  So far, we have a total of 34 people (including us) going!

So...here I am...stuck...at phase 3:  Who to sit next to whom.  How many tables?  To assign or not to assign?  Thank goodness for the destination bride forum and other fabulous brides who have paved the way for folks like me who haven't a clue.  Here is what I am thinking:

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this place setting!!!  A starfish and an orchid (or not) along with a simple card on the cloth napkin with the menu inside.  I am absolutely doing this!!!!

Because we are having a cocktail party the very next weekend after we return from Mexico, I am in the process of planning that as well.  Lucky for me, this past Friday I found out that one of the parents at my school is a cake/cookie/cake pop extraordianaire!  I talked to her today and I have decided to hand over the dessert bar totally to her.  Her creations are beyond exquisite and I have no doubt that what she does will be so impressive that she will drum up more additional business than she can ever imagine!  Be sure to like her page on Facebook (YellowCake with Sugar) and check out some of her creations:  She is SUPER reasonable and an absolute joy to work with!  Here is my inspiration for the dessert bar:

Finally, after turning up my nose at the man who was going to charge me $9 a person to cater finger foods, I've secured  my friend Monica to "cater" the cocktail party! She has been coming up with wonderful ideas ever since I've asked her.  I've also assembled a team of amazingly creative women to handle the day so that I can be completely hands off!  The step in the planning of the cocktail party...the cocktails!!! FOUR signature drinks...stay tuned!