Friday, February 1, 2013

Fasting in February

Even though I could use a spiritual fast, I've decided (and said outloud to Chris) that I am going to go on a spending fast for the month of February in an effort to curb my OUT OF CONTROL spending habit and to begin buckling down financially to pay for our wedding.

Chris posted this profession of mine on Facebook last night, and it appears as though a lot of my friends and family members don't think I can do it.  What they don't know is that I am right in the midst of some changes and February is booked solid for me, so I will be so busy that I won't even have time to shop! Hmph.

Though I will probably go into some sort of shock and have withdrawals, I've made allowances for myself to still be able to buy the neccessities such as gas, toiletries, groceries/lunch.  I am just cutting off completely my spending on clothes, shoes, scrapbook items and things for Jackson.  As I type this, someone comes and hands me the latest Michael's circular.  Ugh.  Temptation.

As for the wedding plans (the true reason you continue to read this blog), I am now in communication with the planner in the Riviera Maya.  We've already begun talking about things such as the live music we want, food choices, reception ideas, flowers, etc.  I am already loving the decision to do a destination wedding!  We literally have to show up, dressed, with money in hand.  Sweet!

Chris has already started looking at suit options.  I am loving sand.  I think he is loving gray.  I want him to wear a tie and hanky.  He does not.  We still have to work on getting on one accord here.

For the month of February, since I won't be shopping, I will focus on getting my registries set up, begin exploring hairstyle and make up preferences and getting invitations ready to be sent out (for both the destination wedding and the at home reception.)

For me, this process has been a seamless one.  I am grateful.

Now to tackle these last four pounds I need to lose.  Joy.

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